Six Tech Trends Shaping the Talent Acquisition Industry

A PeopleScout Webinar

The talent acquisition ecosystem is ever evolving. New technologies are developed and replace outdated ones. New generations of candidates enter the workforce and bring new expectations and requirements for employers. New roles and skills are required to manage shifts in the marketplace.

To remain competitive, talent acquisition teams must keep pace with these changes to ensure they are deploying the latest technology tools and strategies to find the best candidates for their organization.

Join Allison Brigden, Global Leader of Innovation and Support at PeopleScout, for this engaging webinar where we explore the six major technology trends and developments shaping talent acquisition in 2019.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How artificial intelligence can help you quickly sort through applicants to find the top candidates.
  • How machine learning continues to develop and impact critical areas of the talent acquisition function.
  • Why leveraging talent analytics can be a game changer and major differentiator for talent acquisition teams.
  • How recruitment marketing technology can help your organization amplify your employer brand with the right recruitment marketing platform.
  • How virtual reality is being used to provide an immersive experience to candidates.
  • The importance of privacy in the digital age and its role in how organizations request and handle candidate information.

Equipped with these insights, your organization’s talent acquisition team will be able to better stay ahead of the curve, no matter what the talent technology acquisition landscape looks like in the future.

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Title: Six Tech Trends Shaping the Talent Acquisition Industry
Date: On-demand
Time: On-demand
Duration: 30 minutes


Allison Brigden, Global Leader of Innovation and Support at PeopleScout

Allison has been with PeopleScout for more than 20 years, and in that time, she has gained a wealth of knowledge through implementing and managing complex RPO engagements. In her current role, Allison oversees PeopleScout’s AffinixTM technology.

PeopleScout is the world’s largest RPO provider managing talent solutions that span the global economy, with end-to-end MSP capabilities supporting total workforce needs. The company’s thousands of forward-looking talent professionals provide clients with the edge in the people business by consistently deliverying now while anticipating what’s next. Affinix™, PeopleScout’s proprietary talent acquisition platform, empowers faster engagement with the best talent through an AI-driven, consumer-like candidate experience.